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Vaboo Limited successfully obtains EIS advance assurance


"Sapphire did all the advance assurance preparation quickly and professionally and HMRC issued the EIS  advance assurance in three and half weeks. Excellent work!"  Jonathan Stein, Vaboo Limited. 


Vaboo Limited is a company that provides a perks and engagement platform for the private rented sector, designed to help accommodation providers improve renter-centricity and the renter experience throughout the duration of a tenancy. The Company seeks to improve service levels for renters and provide a USP to its clients via a customised perks and engagement platform for renters, enabling accommodation providers and property management companies to easily add value to the renter proposition, whilst helping renters combat affordability and the rising cost of living. 




EIS advance assurance.

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Boyd Carson, Sapphire Capital
Boyd Carson, Sapphire Capital
As a partner at Sapphire Capital Partners LLP, Boyd loves to create and manage micro venture capital funds. Sapphire seeks to power your expansion by specialising in venture capital and the SEIS and EIS schemes to grow your company or to help you launch an investment fund. Contact Boyd by email at boyd@sapphirecapitalpartners.co.uk.

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