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The Profs Tuition Limited EIS approved by HMRC

The Profs Tuition Limited

"Boyd and his team at Sapphire Capital are clear markets leaders in the provision of services related to SEIS/EIS for aspiring companies. They have been extremely diligent in their dealing with us, right from the word go, and helped us navigate a couple of hiccups along the way successfully. I am very grateful for the patience and professionalism they have demonstrated at every turn and their published content is also very insightful. I would highly recommend Sapphire Capital for all your funding needs." Dr. Leo Evans, Director, The Profs Tuition Limited


The Profs Tuition Limited seeks the digitalization of the private tuition market. The Company is creating a global knowledge sharing platform, whereby students across the world can find high-quality, professional and personalised academic help through the Company’s online services. The Company runs in the form of an agency, whereby students who approach the Company are connected with a network of self-employed professional private tutors, that teach any subject and at any level.

Sapphire successfully obtained the EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Online Private Tuition.


HMRC EIS advance assurance from HMRC.

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

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Boyd Carson, Sapphire Capital
Boyd Carson, Sapphire Capital
As a partner at Sapphire Capital Partners LLP, Boyd loves to create and manage micro venture capital funds. Sapphire seeks to power your expansion by specialising in venture capital and the SEIS and EIS schemes to grow your company or to help you launch an investment fund. Contact Boyd by email at boyd@sapphirecapitalpartners.co.uk.

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