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Phos successfully obtains advance assurance

Annotation 2019-04-18 133714

"Sapphire led the process for obtaining an EIS/SEIS advance assurance with HMRC for a company where I was one of the founders. They took over the application process and made sure we had the necessary support. Johnathan, was very helpful throughout the entire process and supported us with all the steps on the way - from preparing the business model and filling out all the necessary documents to actually submitting our application and following up with HMRC. Overall, we had a great experience working with Sapphire and would gladly recommend them." Ivo Gueorguiev - Phos Limited.


The company helps to empower merchants to seamlessly integrate payment acceptance with a universe of additional business applications, such as loyalty, vouchers, budgeting, campaign management and analytics all from the comfort of their smart phones.



Online technology.


SEIS and EIS advance assurance.

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