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"We had a great experience preparing EIS forms with Sapphire Capital Partners. I recommend their services to anyone who has a limited time to invest in preparations of all the documents. Responses are quick, and communication is fluid." Medesk Kovalskiy - Vladimir.


The company provides a vertical SaaS platform for private healthcare practices to solve collaboration mess among market players in medical services planning, provision and reimbursement. A solution is delivered from the cloud as an online service to clinics / labs / insurances / patients etc. An important part of the solution is the API that allows connection with partners services for gathering more data to patient profile (i.e, labs).Communication between different healthcare market players is very difficult and disruptive. Due to relative infancy of health IT, there are big gaps in reimbursement confirmation or efficient patient retention. The Company provides a SaaS solutions that automates clinic workflow and allows it collaboration with other market players in terms of payments or additional patient services (like outpatient monitoring). 


SaaS platform.


EIS 1 preparation and approval .

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