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GetSetGo! Activity Clubs Limited successfully obtains SEIS and EIS approval


"We enjoyed working with the Sapphire team and found the attention we received was very pleasing for what was a very reasonable cost. The Sapphire team have extensive experience in getting start-ups through the EIS process, and know intimately how HMRC assess submissions. We were delighted to have worked with Sapphire to prepare a compliant submission and receive our advance assurance in a straight forward manner." Matthew Harris - GetSetGo! Activity Clubs Limited.


GetSetGo! Activity Clubs will be a group of family activity clubs, initially in London. The premise of the business is to capitalise on the substantial demand for leisure options for families living in London. The company’s clubs will be pay as you go rather than based on a membership model, which the company hopes will make them accessible to a wide demographic. 



Leisure sector.


SEIS and EIS advance assurance.

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Client Categories: EIS, SEIS