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USA based ElectroCell Technologies, Inc. obtains HMRC EIS approval

Electrocell Technologies , Inc. EIS Delaware

"Boyd and his team at Sapphire ran into changes in the HMRC EIS rules at the time we originally entered the process and never quit on getting our application approved by finding ways to address those changes in our case. It’s a testament to their commitment to clients that they never gave up and were successful in the end." Roland Hoerr, CEO, ElectroCell Technologies, Inc., Delaware, USA. 


The Company manufactures and markets a patented Bio-Electric treatment system that represents a new approach to processing liquid organic wastes. The system uses precisely managed electrical pulses in a patented method to “Lyse” or destroy organic cells walls, effectively destroying living organisms. There are numerous applications for the underlying technology including; livestock waste to kill pathogens and reduce nutrients, primarily phosphorous; wastewater treatment plant and food production plant anaerobic digester feedstock treatment, resulting in more methane gas for heat or power and increased capacity of the digester from more efficient operations in the digester; and it can also be used in a chain of technologies that can desalinate salt water into drinking water.


Processing of liquid organic wastes.


EIS and Information Memorandum.

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

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Boyd Carson, Sapphire Capital
Boyd Carson, Sapphire Capital
As a partner at Sapphire Capital Partners LLP, Boyd loves to create and manage micro venture capital funds. Sapphire seeks to power your expansion by specialising in venture capital and the SEIS and EIS schemes to grow your company or to help you launch an investment fund. Contact Boyd by email at boyd@sapphirecapitalpartners.co.uk.

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