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easyCoffee successfully obtains EIS advance assurance


"Our EIS application wasn’t straightforward thanks to our brand licence agreement and three business units, each of which is quite different. Furthermore, a detailed understanding of how the HMRC examines business models through the lens of EIS legislation, as regards compliance with a very complex set of qualifying criterion, was provided. Without this, I’m sure we’d have spent many more months, and written many more submissions, to ensure full compliance! Sapphire's expert advice was crystal clear throughout; unquestionably, it proved crucial in our eventual success in obtaining advance assurance."  Neil MacKay, easyCoffee Limited. 


EasyCoffee offers an exciting new way of getting all your favourite drinks and food at terrific value prices when you’re on the go. At easyCoffee they aim to make things simple, fun and innovative. EasyCoffee believes that excellent products and service and a wide variety of choice should be available to everyone.  


Coffee shops.


EIS advance assurance.

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