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Rep of Ireland based Crossflow Payment Solutions successfully obtains EIS approval

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"Johnathan of Sapphire was excellent in guiding us through the entire process. Although our holding company is based in the Republic of Ireland Cork, Johnathan made what is a complex process of applying for EIS advance assurance for a non-UK based company straightforward. I genuinely, could not recommend him enough." Tony Duggan - Crossflow Payment Solutions Trading Limited.


Crossflow Payment Solutions Trading Limited (“Crossflow”) Crossflow’s cloud based platform acts as a global intermediary facilitating advance payments of transactions between corporate’s, their suppliers and third-party institutional funding providers. Crossflows platform has been developed to support the key requirements of a low-cost, scalable environment supporting rapid rollout and funds utilization capabilities, alongside the automated reconciliation of transactions. Crossflow through its service, provides knowledge-based artificial intelligence algorithmic capabilities to funding providers of these corporates supply chains enabling optimim yield and risk management. This service enables corporates and their suppliers to obtain finance directly from financial institutions through an online marketplace, with customers algorithmically matched with funding providers, aligning capacity, cost of finance, risk and yields.  



Fintech - Institutional funding.


EIS advance assurance.

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