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Clyz Labs Limited approved by HMRC

Clyz Labs Limited

"Boyd and Vasiliki are an extremely committed hard working team to deliver SEIS and EIS Advanced Assurance work on target! We achieved our Advanced Assurance from HMRC without having to answer any further queries and documents were submitted to HMRC within two weeks of award of assignment! We are delighted to be able to secure some investment within this tax year." Dr. Himanshu Kataria, Director, Clyz Labs Limited


Clyz Labs Limited aims to be the UK's first Chemosensitivity Laboratory. It aims to provide services directly to patients for Personalised Cancer Treatment and to the Pharmaceutical industry to drug efficacy testing in pre-clinical stages of drug development. 

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.




HMRC SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

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Vasiliki Carson
Vasiliki Carson
Vicky specialises in preparing HMRC advance assurance applications for Seed EIS, EIS and VCT, and assists with managing Sapphire's funds. Vicky also assists clients with R&D tax credits, strategic business planning, preparing information memorandums and financial projections.

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