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BM Media Limited successfully obtains SEIS and EIS approval


"I've spoken with many accountancy firms on the SEIS and EIS matters and in my opinion, Sapphire Capital is operating in the most transparent and fair way. Boyd and Johnathan were very supportive and also provided some extra advice when we needed. Even though we had a very unusual situation, Sapphire Capital helped us to successfully obtain the pre-clearance very quickly." Alena Golden - BM Media Limited.


BM Media Limited is that of a recording technology for users to participate in contests and tournaments. The company is a platform that will help to unlock music potential of young people. To date the BattleMe app has over one million users all over the world. 

Both seasoned and aspiring musicians use the app to create music, take part in contests and grow their fan base. 

Through the company’s music platform and global community, brands capture the attention of over a million young people for whom the company has become an integral part of their lives. Key features include a mobile recording studio which allows users to record a track or a video freestyle over a beat, mix and master the recording and share it with the world. Everyone on the app has an equal chance of airplay. Rotation is governing by an AI algorithm which is base on your popularity and activity. Another key feature is music contests, the BattleMe team gives a topic and users record tracks and submit it to the tournament. Once the voting period begins, users vote for their favourite.




SEIS and EIS advance assurance.

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Johnathan Graham
Johnathan Graham
Johnathan assists companies with business plans, advanced assurance applications for SEIS, EIS and R&D tax credits. Johnathan has a keen interest in helping start up companies, stemming from his entrepreneurial background in owning two companies of his own. Contact Johnathan by email at: johnathan@sapphirecapitalpartners.co.uk.

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