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Apex Financial Technology successfully obtains SEIS/EIS approval and raises investment

Apex Financial Technology

"Boyd was very clear in explaining the process of HMRC assurance. He is very knowledgeable about the process and his advice was invaluable. Boyd took care of the whole process while keeping me updated throughout. I still reach out to him when I have questions about SEIS and EIS and his response is always prompt. I would highly recommend Sapphire for the HMRC assurance process."  Arshdeep Jindal, Apex Financial Technology. 


Apex Financial Technology is a company which provides a suite of software products (known as Finvisage™) to be used by CFOs and treasury managers of corporations. The Company’s market risk management software is a front and back-office technology platform which sits within the client's Treasury department to be used by the CFO, Treasurer and their teams. The Company provides a multi-asset market risk management and pricing system built from a practitioner’s point of view that captures exposures and trades, calculates Mark-To-Market valuations and helps treasury managers make hedging decisions. The Company’s cash forecasting module captures all inputs from sales, accounting and other teams to keep an updated forecasted cash view for the corporate. The platform can be offered completely on the cloud thereby cutting local IT maintenance costs significantly.  




SEIS and EIS advance assurance.

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