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USA based Adfone successfully obtains EIS approval


"Boyd and Johnathan at Sapphire Capital Partners are fantastic to work with. They are reasonable in their pricing approach for small businesses and committed to clients' success. I would highly recommend them for any business owner looking to apply for EIS or for any business critical Company House or HMRC matters." Brian Boroff - Founder & CEO, Adfone, Inc.


Adfone is a mobile advertising platform that changes the economics of mobile phones for consumers, carriers and brands. Mobile users unlock their phones 100+ times a day on average. With Adfone’s ad-based loyalty and monetization platform, carriers and subscribers can monetize these unlocks with advertising. Consumers are willing to engage with relevant and contextual information in exchange for value. Adfone’s platform delivers that value to carriers and original equipment manufacturers. Users accumulate loyalty points for engaging with the platform, which can be redeemed for bill credits, free data and gift cards from leading brands. 


Mobile phones.


EIS advance assurance.

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