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How do companies benefit from SEIS and EIS?

Raising money as a start-up or early-stage company can be challenging, as you have no company reputa...
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Why SEIS / EIS Inheritance Tax Relief should matter to you now

  You may have seen my video blog on Sapphire’s website where I give a high level overview on the in...
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EIS Tax Reliefs Explained - Part Two - Capital Gains Tax Reliefs

      This is the second part in a series of blog articles about EIS tax reliefs.  In the first arti...
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HMRC EIS pre approval - 10 things you must include

At Sapphire Capital we have carried out many Enterprise Investment Scheme ("EIS") and Seed Enterpris...
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EIS tax reliefs explained - Part One - Income Tax Relief

We are often asked to explain the EIS tax reliefs.  They are definitely generous and can make any in...
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