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On winning best SEIS Fund Manager 2017

Posted by Boyd Carson, Sapphire Capital on 20-Feb-2018 09:32:20

Normally we do not like to show off, but this is definitely an exception. We are delighted to have won the best SEIS Fund Manager for 2017, awarded by the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association ("EISA"), which was presented at the House of Lords last Tuesday night. A special thank you to the sponsors Reyker, all the judges and of course, the EISA. The judges commented that “Sapphire [was] very supportive of the space. Interesting mix of funds and at early stage. Strong comms and support of investors and portfolios.” 

Check out our various SEIS funds for yourself - here.

Oh, and I might as well say it. I was "Highly Commended" in the "Innovation, Newcomer or Rising Star in EIS and SEIS" category. Many thanks to the sponsor Deal Partners, the EISA and all the judges. The winner of this category was James Ramsey of Tax Efficient Procurement Services (TEPS) - who thoroughly deserved to win as James and TEPS are real innovators in the SEIS/EIS sector. We fully support James and TEPS.

Enough said. Back to work.

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SEIS and EIS funds - how they are typically structured.

Posted by Boyd Carson, Sapphire Capital on 13-Jan-2017 13:51:39



At Sapphire we are often asked to advise on the structure of a new SEIS Fund or EIS Fund ("Fund"). A SEIS or EIS Fund is normally used when a group of investors want to invest in a selection of companies (as opposed to only one company) that qualify for SEIS/EIS reliefs. It is a method of investing that is becoming increasingly popular due to the advantageous SEIS/EIS tax reliefs and the diversification of the investments.

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How to select an EIS fund to invest in

Posted by Vasiliki Carson, Sapphire Capital on 19-Apr-2016 13:07:36

This month we are spotlighting the topic of EIS, SEIS and SITR funds (abbreviated as EIS funds).  An area of recent focus within the investment community is due diligence, arising mainly from the FCA’s recent publication of TR16/1: Assessing Suitability:  Research and due diligence of products and services.  The publication is a thematic review of the topic to ensure that advisors take appropriate measures and care when advising retail clients (ie. The general public) of what to invest in.

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10 questions to ask when selecting an EIS fund custodian

Posted by Paul Richardson, The Share Centre Limited on 18-Apr-2016 18:08:20


The selection of an EIS Custodian for your fund(s) can be a very confusing and time consuming business. This article will, hopefully, make this selection clearer and quicker to ensure you have the best EIS custodian for your requirements.

At its simplest an EIS custodian & administrator is a financial institution that holds customers assets on behalf of the Fund Manager for the beneficial owner; the investor.  Thus, the main responsibility of the Custodian is to physically hold the assets, whether in paper or nominee form, account for them, report these holdings to the fund manager & investor and to execute the required transactions.

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