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Grow Advisors Seminar Series 2016 - Essential Digital Marketplaces

Essential Online Marketplaces - Lending & Equity Investment

London ,  29th June, 2016

Since before the global financial crisis, a new breed of financial services has been taking hold in markets as far afield as the US and China. Today, the UK itself is a world leader in equity crowdfunding and online lending platforms.

It is estimated that close to half of all investment in UK fintech relates to platform based financial services.

At the heart of the change is the efficient flow of capital

Crowdfunding and online lending have shown exponential growth since the first platforms were launched. The combined annual capital raised through crowdfunding (including lending) reached US$34 billion in 2015 and is on track to exceed traditional venture capital (VC) fundraising in 2016. According to Goldman Sachs, online lending alone represents a global addressable market of over US$1 trillion and equity crowdfunding is expected to grow to US$90 billion as soon as 2020.

Fintech startups that pioneered the sector are now being joined by an increasing number of banks and traditional firms. This disruption is driving leaner, more efficient business models that are taking their lead from an ever more discerning public, demanding online services with reduced fees and greater transparency.

Grow Advisors has been part of the growth story since 2008. They count among our clients, banks, wealth managers, technology, property, renewable energy, media and telecommunications companies. They realise that access to capital markets can be structured more efficiently. The have successfully helped address challenges in setting up optimal business models, and advised on a myriad of choices that can impact business risk and long term profitability.

Know the essentials and how to get started

What are the businesses processes?  What technology is required?  What is the FCA position on this?

In stark contrast to traditional business models, tech startups and others are re-creating core financial services from the ground up via licensed APIs (automated programing interface), where features can be scaled, switched on, switched off - and replaced.

The increasingly advanced range of APIs now on offer begs the question - why develop expensive in-house solutions? From a pure innovation cycle point of view, they offer a credible alternative to acquiring or buying out companies seen as threats to incumbents.

I believes technology and API ecosystems developed around features and superior client services will be the driver for a new wave of financial services.

To answer these questions Grow Advisors is holding an introduction to digital transformation.

Find out how you can fast track your fintech plans:

  • Actionable insights into the changing world of capital & debt raises using online platforms.
  • Find out how leveraging the fintech ecosystem can help you fast track your strategic plans.
  • Learn the design basics and how to launch a successful P2P or equity marketplace.
  • Discover the future trends and evaluate implications for your business

Engage thought leaders on the key areas of business processes, technology and compliance.

Tickets will cost £175 ( £99 with discount code) including refreshments.

Seats are limited, reserve your place today.

Book here:

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Michael McDowell
Michael McDowell
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