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Regvolution successfully obtains SEIS and EIS advance assurance

"We were quite limited in terms of time and lacking the knowledge on specific requirements to get SEIS/EIS approval. Johnathan guided us through all the processes and we managed to get the approval in quite a short time and at a very competitive cost. Excellent value for money - I would strongly suggest their service to other startups facing the same challenges than us." Asif Rajani - Regvolution Limited.


The company develops new intelligent software that will empower banks to face theregulatory challenges, by providing software that can detect and suggest corrections and optimizations to capital requirements. 


Ireland based Harty Nutrition successfully obtains SEIS & EIS approval

"We had been looking into applying for EIS advance assurance and the whole process seemed very daunting. Johnathan from Sapphire Capital explained the whole process to us and took us through it step by step in a very efficient manner. It was extremely seamless and we were delighted to have found them to help." Ross McDowell - Harty Nutrition Limited.


The company’s principal business is that of innovative health food manufacturing specialising in the production of raw-formed nutritional products for the healthy snacking market. The company’s brand, Origin Clean Protein Bars is an all-natural sports nutrition and healthy snacking brand which currently has a range of naturally positioned ‘real food’ protein bars selling in retail throughout Ireland and online.


Phos successfully obtains advance assurance

"Sapphire led the process for obtaining an EIS/SEIS advance assurance with HMRC for a company where I was one of the founders. They took over the application process and made sure we had the necessary support. Johnathan, was very helpful throughout the entire process and supported us with all the steps on the way - from preparing the business model and filling out all the necessary documents to actually submitting our application and following up with HMRC. Overall, we had a great experience working with Sapphire and would gladly recommend them." Ivo Gueorguiev - Phos Limited.


The company helps to empower merchants to seamlessly integrate payment acceptance with a universe of additional business applications, such as loyalty, vouchers, budgeting, campaign management and analytics all from the comfort of their smart phones.


Medesk successfully issues shares to investors

"We had a great experience preparing EIS forms with Sapphire Capital Partners. I recommend their services to anyone who has a limited time to invest in preparations of all the documents. Responses are quick, and communication is fluid." Medesk Kovalskiy - Vladimir.


The company provides a vertical SaaS platform for private healthcare practices to solve collaboration mess among market players in medical services planning, provision and reimbursement. A solution is delivered from the cloud as an online service to clinics / labs / insurances / patients etc.


Bondford Group successfully obtains SEIS and EIS approval

"Bondford was time-pressured to secure SEIS/EIS advanced assurance for its prospective investors. Boyd and Johnathan managed to secure that assurance within just 2-weeks and at a cost that was 50% less than our auditors. I would recommend their services." Bondford Group - Henry Vaughan.


The company provides a FX transaction cost analysis service to clients for them to manage all elements of their FX transaction costs. The process starts with uploading the FX transaction data to the Bondford analysis platform, were the data will be analysed and then the Bondford tool will show key FX execution performance metrics and generate reports based on this data. 


LV8Sport successfully obtains SEIS and EIS approval

"Vasiliki was invaluable in assisting us secure advanced assurance for SEIS and EIS. We would recommend her and the team at Sapphire to everyone." LV8Sport - Matt Willcocks.


The company develops, commercializes and operates an online sports player performance measurement platform. 


UcaDo successfully obtains EIS approval

"Having had a number of companies look into our EIS Advanced Assurance, a colleague mentioned using Sapphire Capital; and I'm truly delighted they did. Word Of Mouth is so very powerful in itself, but hearing a glowing report of speed and accuracy was most compelling. In every sense of the word they handled our case with accuracy, speed and complete professionalism. Should anyone ever need to take my word for it, they are more than welcome to call me. Huge thanks all." The Buyer Pool Ltd Trading As UcaDO (The Property Market Place) - Will Tinney.


The Buyer Pool Limited is a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, lessees and lessors, students and universities to transact a property transaction directly, supported by Trusted Solution Providers (TSPs). The platform allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly with each other, make appointments and access relevant related services when required throughout the transaction. The communication and appointment system sync with your calendar and provides intelligent communication to allow the buyer or seller to be alerted if either party is likely to be delayed for the meeting, with additional functionality being developed to integrate with smart home devices such as Amazons Alexa. 


All Things Ride successfully obtains SEIS and EIS approval

"Boyd was prompt with his actions and extremely helpful in the process of gaining SEIS approval for All Things Ride. Do I recommend Sapphire Capital Partners services? Absolutely!" Al Brown - All Things Ride Limited.


All Things Ride Limited brings clients together to offer community experiences in which the company celebrates achievement. The company bridges the gap between the competitive amateur racer and the sportive rider who relishes the experience alone and gains satisfaction from completing their event. The company proactively engaging clients via unique channels to market and presents events in series and seasonal formats providing a comprehensive gateway to the best sportive events and cycling experiences. All Things Ride is unique in the market, its end of year awards night offers clients a chance to unite with like-minded riders and celebrate achievement. 


USA based Adfone successfully obtains EIS approval

"Boyd and Johnathan at Sapphire Capital Partners are fantastic to work with. They are reasonable in their pricing approach for small businesses and committed to clients' success. I would highly recommend them for any business owner looking to apply for EIS or for any business critical Company House or HMRC matters." Brian Boroff - Founder & CEO, Adfone, Inc.


Adfone is a mobile advertising platform that changes the economics of mobile phones for consumers, carriers and brands. Mobile users unlock their phones 100+ times a day on average. With Adfone’s ad-based loyalty and monetization platform, carriers and subscribers can monetize these unlocks with advertising. Consumers are willing to engage with relevant and contextual information in exchange for value. Adfone’s platform delivers that value to carriers and original equipment manufacturers. Users accumulate loyalty points for engaging with the platform, which can be redeemed for bill credits, free data and gift cards from leading brands. 


GetSetGo! Activity Clubs Limited successfully obtains SEIS and EIS approval

"We enjoyed working with the Sapphire team and found the attention we received was very pleasing for what was a very reasonable cost. The Sapphire team have extensive experience in getting start-ups through the EIS process, and know intimately how HMRC assess submissions. We were delighted to have worked with Sapphire to prepare a compliant submission and receive our advance assurance in a straight forward manner." Matthew Harris - GetSetGo! Activity Clubs Limited.


GetSetGo! Activity Clubs will be a group of family activity clubs, initially in London. The premise of the business is to capitalise on the substantial demand for leisure options for families living in London. The company’s clubs will be pay as you go rather than based on a membership model, which the company hopes will make them accessible to a wide demographic. 


BM Media Limited successfully obtains SEIS and EIS approval

"I've spoken with many accountancy firms on the SEIS and EIS matters and in my opinion, Sapphire Capital is operating in the most transparent and fair way. Boyd and Johnathan were very supportive and also provided some extra advice when we needed. Even though we had a very unusual situation, Sapphire Capital helped us to successfully obtain the pre-clearance very quickly." Alena Golden - BM Media Limited.


BM Media Limited is that of a recording technology for users to participate in contests and tournaments. The company is a platform that will help to unlock music potential of young people. To date the BattleMe app has over one million users all over the world. 

Both seasoned and aspiring musicians use the app to create music, take part in contests and grow their fan base. 


Rep of Ireland based Crossflow Payment Solutions successfully obtains EIS approval

"Johnathan of Sapphire was excellent in guiding us through the entire process. Although our holding company is based in the Republic of Ireland Cork, Johnathan made what is a complex process of applying for EIS advance assurance for a non-UK based company straightforward. I genuinely, could not recommend him enough." Tony Duggan - Crossflow Payment Solutions Trading Limited.


Crossflow Payment Solutions Trading Limited (“Crossflow”) Crossflow’s cloud based platform acts as a global intermediary facilitating advance payments of transactions between corporate’s, their suppliers and third-party institutional funding providers. Crossflows platform has been developed to support the key requirements of a low-cost, scalable environment supporting rapid rollout and funds utilization capabilities, alongside the automated reconciliation of transactions.


Dublin based Sovy Trust Solutions Limited successfully obtain SEIS and EIS approval

"Johnathan assisted us with every element of the Advance Assurance application process, including helping us complete the OS IN01 form to register a UK branch. Sapphire were fantastic the whole way through, nothing was too much for them and I highly recommend them for your SEIS and EIS needs."  John Popolizio - Director of Sovy Trust Solutions Limited. 


Sovy Trust Solutions Limited is a one-stop-shop for simplfying business compliance. The Company's suite of compliance solutions enable (MSMEs) around the world to manage a complaince program in the cloud. MSMEs, sized from 1-2000 employees cannot afford nor have the expertise to run an in-house compliance program. 


UK Education India successfully obtains SEIS and EIS approval


"Sapphire took a complex brief and turned it in to a succint HMRC proposal which they presented whilst keeping us fully informed on progress. An excellent company to work with and one we highly recommend."  David Wing - UK Education India Limited. 


UK Education India seeks to establish, across India, a series of educational hubs (Knowledge Campuses) each of which will enable local communities to benefit from UK education standards of excellence in an affordable and readily accessible way. The overall aim is to have several campuses across India, however, it is proposed that the first will be in Jaipur, in the Indian State of Rajasthan. Jaipur is home to many well established and internationally recognised independent schools with whom we are developing collaborative relationships. 


Apex Financial Technology successfully obtains SEIS/EIS approval and raises investment

"Boyd was very clear in explaining the process of HMRC assurance. He is very knowledgeable about the process and his advice was invaluable. Boyd took care of the whole process while keeping me updated throughout. I still reach out to him when I have questions about SEIS and EIS and his response is always prompt. I would highly recommend Sapphire for the HMRC assurance process."  Arshdeep Jindal, Apex Financial Technology. 


Apex Financial Technology is a company which provides a suite of software products (known as Finvisage™) to be used by CFOs and treasury managers of corporations. The Company’s market risk management software is a front and back-office technology platform which sits within the client's Treasury department to be used by the CFO, Treasurer and their teams.


Street Away successfully obtains SEIS and EIS

"Sapphire was extremely helpful and attentive throughout the application process. HMRC came back with a question and Johnathan of Sapphire handled it on our behalf and got us over the line."  Eric Guo - Street Away 


Street Away is a marketing platform which creates an instant, local connection between businesses, such as bars, restaurants and cafes, and their potential customers. It gives these businesses, the ability to create and control tailored promotions based on any current circumstances and immediately broadcast these to a nearby audience, filling up empty seats at off-peak times and saving on wasted stock. 


Storelectric successfully obtains EIS certification

"Sapphire was excellent! We used them to obtain our EIS 1 certificate and the help that Vasiliki at Sapphire provided was first class."  Jeff Draper, Storelectric Limited. 


Storelectric Ltd is a developer of projects using highly efficient forms of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) using existing technologies, at a grid scale, efficiently and cost-effectively.  


Oxford Frontier Capital successfully obtains SEIS and EIS advance assurance

"We used Boyd Carson to get EIS for our company. He was excellent; quick to respond, very easy to work with; guided us with patience and got us approval very quickly. He made it seem easy and straight forward. Most importantly dealing with him was absolutely stress free, which is rare in dealing with official paper work. I will strongly recommend him."  Ali Farid Khwaja, Oxford Frontier Capital. 


Oxford Frontier Capital is a research advisory business which provides institutional investors and corporates with advice regarding investing in emerging technologies and emerging markets. The Company conducts research, publishes reports and provides advice on emerging technologies such as Fintech, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Quantum Computing and on emerging markets such as the frontier markets of South Asia and Middle East.  


easyCoffee successfully obtains EIS advance assurance

"Our EIS application wasn’t straightforward thanks to our brand licence agreement and three business units, each of which is quite different. Furthermore, a detailed understanding of how the HMRC examines business models through the lens of EIS legislation, as regards compliance with a very complex set of qualifying criterion, was provided. Without this, I’m sure we’d have spent many more months, and written many more submissions, to ensure full compliance! Sapphire's expert advice was crystal clear throughout; unquestionably, it proved crucial in our eventual success in obtaining advance assurance."  Neil MacKay, easyCoffee Limited. 


EasyCoffee offers an exciting new way of getting all your favourite drinks and food at terrific value prices when you’re on the go. At easyCoffee they aim to make things simple, fun and innovative. EasyCoffee believes that excellent products and service and a wide variety of choice should be available to everyone.  


Mindmover successfully obtains EIS advance assurance

"Sapphire was excellent! I was very impressed their persevervance and attention to detail throughout the whole process. Sapphire is a pleasure to work with."  Mark Ursell, Mindmover Limited. 


MindMover is a leading UK Data, insight and technology agency. MindMover is currently UK based, and its primary business is the provision of market research consultancy. As part of a new period of growth, MindMover is seeking to generate new sales from its proprietary survey software solutions via a software as a service (SAAS) model. The new software is called T-view, which gives MindMover access to a different client base and enters a new product market, primarily in the United States.  


Australian company Anamantic PTY successfully obtains SEIS and EIS advance assurance

"HQ'd in Australia, the team at Sapphire were very helpful in explaining how we could obtain EIS advance assurance for a non-UK based company. They successfully obtained our SEIS and EIS advance assurance within seven days of the application date." James Taylor, Anamantic PTY Limited


The company specialises in supplying eCommerce businesses with the machine learning technology to automate cross-selling and upselling on their online store. The company helps its clients grow revenue by increasing items per order and average order values. This is conducted through behavioral trackers on websites and dynamic widgets that populate with recommended items specific to each user.


Dublin based Zulleon Limited successfully obtains EIS advance assurance

"Sapphire has an excellent knowledge of the EIS application process for foreign companies and successfully obtained our EIS."  Colin Keane, Zulleon Limited. 


The Company specialises in the creating and selling digital entertainment products for children and licencing of the OOKS childrens brand. The company is not constrained by a single medium and instead strives to create a fully rounded experience for children where their fun and creativity can flourish in both the real and digital world. .


You R Going Limited successfully obtains SEIS and EIS advance assurance

"Sapphire was very efficient in getting everything done and the quality of their work exceeded my expectations. Their service commitment and ethos is truly collaborative."  Sesh Sukhdeo, You R Going Limited. 


The company specialises in the Corporate travel marketplace. It is an online travel platform with value added services. Technology driven and aimed at the corporate business user.


Vaboo Limited successfully obtains EIS advance assurance


"Sapphire did all the advance assurance preparation quickly and professionally and HMRC issued the EIS  advance assurance in three and half weeks. Excellent work!"  Jonathan Stein, Vaboo Limited. 


Vaboo Limited is a company that provides a perks and engagement platform for the private rented sector, designed to help accommodation providers improve renter-centricity and the renter experience throughout the duration of a tenancy. The Company seeks to improve service levels for renters and provide a USP to its clients via a customised perks and engagement platform for renters, enabling accommodation providers and property management companies to easily add value to the renter proposition, whilst helping renters combat affordability and the rising cost of living. 


WTG Lazgill Limited successfully raises finance


"Sapphire were excellent in obtaining our EIS advance assurance and completing our investor documents. They also helped us to successfully raise money for our company."  Venkat Chidambaram, WTG Lazgill Limited. 


WTG Lazgill is a leading producer of precision engineered parts for automotive HVAC and Fluid management applications. The company, established in 1940 has a strong reputation and a leading market position in the United Kingdom for HVAC components. Our production facilities are located in India and the UK. WTG Lazgill is part of Western Thomson Group Pte, which is a Singapore based specialised auto-components producer with operations in India and the UK. 


Dolar Medical Supplies obtains SEIS assurance and successfully raises finance

"Sapphire successfully obtained our SEIS advance assurance in a quick and professional manner. I would recommend them to anyone."  Ramesh Nadarajah, Dolar Medical Supplies Limited. 


Dolar Medical Supplies Limited is a company that seeks to provide revolutionary, effective and accessible treatment for patients suffering from persistent pain with an emphasis on spinal pain. The company will provide non-invasive back pain clinics in London and will provide a unique service for people who have persistent pain who seek an alternative to invasive surgical procedures or addictive drugs. 


London based MangoB2B.com successfully launches company

"I have worked with Boyd to obtain SEIS & EIS Advance Assurance for MangoB2B.com and found his approach to be knowledgeable, professional and very effective. Boyd Carson of Sapphire Capital is an expert in start-ups and SEIS,EIS."  Shahid Maqbool, MangoB2B.com. 


MangoB2B.com seeks to transform the fragmented B2B marketplace with a more integrated platform for small and medium-sized businesses by bringing in both buyers and sellers with a focused omni-channel strategy. Buyers and sellers have a simple interface to interact with and develop long-term relationships.


Vitaoil International obtains SEIS and EIS advance assurance

"Sapphire obtained our SEIS and EIS advance assurance without any HMRC questions within two weeks, and their help in drafting the investors Information Memorandum was invaluable. Thank you for getting this all completed so professionally."  Maksim Selezniov, Vitaoil International Limited. 


Vitaoil International Limited  will seek to produce Omega-9 cold-pressed rapeseed oil. The first stage of production capacity in the UK is targeted to amount to circa 16,500 tons of raw material (rapeseed) per year.


Dublin based Buymie Technologies successfully raises funds

"Thanks for your support in getting that EIS advanced assurance, your speed of response and attention to detail was incredibly beneficial and played a key role in our successful funding campaign."  Devan Huges, Buymie Technologies Limited. 


Buymie Technologies is an Irish company based in Dublin that provides a solution that democratises grocery e-commerce, allowing any retailer big or small to participate in the market, while providing consumers the convenience of accessing multiple retailers via a single dynamic platform. 


Madderson London Limited successfully approved for EIS


"I was delighted with the service that I received from Boyd and his team at Sapphire. I was anxious to get our EIS Advance Approval as soon as possible so I wanted to make sure the documentation I filed to HMRC was perfect first time around. Boyd supplied me with all the templates I needed, including a cash-flow forecast template, which was extremely helpful. He was very responsive to all my questions, and I found the content on Sapphire’s newsletter and website very useful and relevant too. All in all, I felt in very safe hands and this was confirmed when the HMRC approval came through within four weeks of my application. Thank you Boyd!"  Sara Madderson, Madderson London. 


Madderson London is a British womenswear brand, celebrating British heritage in a romantic, timeless, indulgent way. 


JustMoneySaving Limited successfully raises startup money


"I came to Sapphire when we needed to move fast. It was critical to get our SEIS pre-approved without delay and accepted on first submission. The degree of professionalism in the application and the depth of understanding was outstanding. We got our application successfully approved In four weeks - I would recommend them to anybody"  Chris Ball, JustMoneySaving Limited. 


The Company is a new and exciting online destination that's focused on making money saving useful, engaging and of true value to consumers. The Company will use the brand, JustSave and users will be able to use JustSave to find voucher codes and discounts from their favourite brands and earn points for saving money and sharing the discounts with friends.


USA based ElectroCell Technologies, Inc. obtains HMRC EIS approval

"Boyd and his team at Sapphire ran into changes in the HMRC EIS rules at the time we originally entered the process and never quit on getting our application approved by finding ways to address those changes in our case. It’s a testament to their commitment to clients that they never gave up and were successful in the end." Roland Hoerr, CEO, ElectroCell Technologies, Inc., Delaware, USA. 


The Company manufactures and markets a patented Bio-Electric treatment system that represents a new approach to processing liquid organic wastes. The system uses precisely managed electrical pulses in a patented method to “Lyse” or destroy organic cells walls, effectively destroying living organisms.


L'Escargot launches fundraising for private members club


"Wanted to drop you a note to thank you immensely for all of your hard work on completing the IM for L’Escargot. Without your hard work, direction, and perseverance, this would have been a great deal less likely to have been successful!! Vasiliki- I have to say that you were a total star putting up with me and all the alterations that were required… We would love to invite down to L’Escargot as our guests if you ever the get the opportunity." George Pell, Managing Director, L'Escargot Restuarant. 


L’Escargot Limited is a private limited company which owns and operates L’Escargot restaurant in Soho London. L’Escargot is already considered to be one of the most renowned and beautiful restaurants in the UK, and is the oldest French restaurant in London. 


Zapp Scooters approved by HMRC


"The team at Sapphire really knows their stuff. They helped us through the entire process and the HMRC EIS application was approved with ease. I couldn’t hope for a more competent advisor in terms of SEIS and EIS applications." Kiattipong Arttachariya, Vice President, Paragon Partners. 


The Company will develop and manufacture electric two-wheeled vehicles. The company plans to develop a new generation of electric scooters with a unique modern sports design using a combination of leading edge technologies to achieve a product with both high performance and good looks. 


Hush Sleep Limited approved by HMRC


"I just wanted to drop you a note to say a huge thank you for successfully securing Advanced EIS Approval from HMRC for Hush Sleep Limited. I found the process absolutely seamless, and took great confidence at the start of the process in your assurance that such approval would be possible even though we were operating through offshore subsidiaries." Mark Hamilford, Hush Sleep Limited. 


Hush Sleep Limited distributes and sells mattresses, and although the Company is located in the UK, the Company has a subsidiary in Russia, known as Blue Sleep LLC. The Company’s Russia subsidiary provides distribution and delivery services of the mattresses to the Company’s clients located throughout Russia.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


First Wind Film Development Ltd approved by HMRC in three weeks


"Sapphire submitted our HMRC application on the 4th May and received our advance assurance on the 25 May - in three weeks! Incredibly fast. Thank you for your professional work." Jon Lewes, First Wind Film Development Limited.


First Wind Film Development Limited seeks to meet the increasing demand for new concepts for making film and TV programmes. Concepts are developed into saleable packages to producers.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Film company approved by HMRC for SEIS and EIS


"We had the pleasure of working with Sapphire and appreciated their meticulous and thorough work. In no time at all we got a positive response from HMRC and obtained our objectives. We highly recommend Sapphire and look forward to doing business again with them in the future." Lydia Wheatley, Shuster and Shuster Limited.


Shuster and Shuster Limited produces films and the Company owns all the intellectual property relating to the films.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Shelved Wine Limited approved by HMRC for SEIS and EIS


"This is a special day for me and the future of my company, thanks to you! Since the first moment I browsed the web I have been fascinating with your website and I thought that you were the right people to help me in gaining such an important milestone. Today with the SEIS/EIS assurance I can see a brighter future and plan with more harmony the development of the business." Valentino Minotti, Shelved Wine Limited.


Shelved Wine Limited is a unique online marketplace solution to sell and buy wine products. The Company offers a multi-vendor online platform specialised in wine products. The Company enables buyers and sellers to market their products on the website and app. The Company’s sellers and buyers, distributors, producers, end consumers, collectors, and aficionados. Shelved Wine manages the online marketplace and seeks to bring a clear and affordable solution to all their customers.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Signal Building Services approved by HMRC for VCT


"Sapphire are experts at applying for VCT advance assurance and obtained VCT approval for our contracting services company without any HMRC issues." Tom Everington, Signal Building Services Limited.


Signal Building Services Limited specialise in delivering turnkey construction projects. The Company is seeking to engage in a number construction projects in the UK and establish its trade as a provider of contracting services to developers and property owners. The Company intends to undertake its activities on a range of residential and commercial construction projects.

Sapphire successfully obtained the VCT advance assurance from HMRC.


SoSweat Limited approved by HMRC for SEIS and EIS


"Really appreciate all the work carried out by Sapphire in obtaining the SEIS and EIS for SoSweat Limited without any problems."  Bruce Mackintosh, SoSweat Limited.


SoSweat Limited is that of a mobile based platform allowing athletes of all levels to train anywhere, without the need for expensive equipment or facilities, while offering a community to help everyone achieve excellent results. The Company has created an intuitive platform to allow athletes of all levels to learn about fitness with educational videos, connect with other athletes who are part of the community and train with Oxy – the Company’s intelligent personal trainer - to reach their fitness goals.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Nethy AD Ltd (trading as Bee Leaf) approved by HMRC for VCT


"Sapphire's knowledge on the VCT advance assurance process was excellent. We achieved our VCT advance assurance first time without any questions from HMRC. I would highly recommend Sapphire to anyone applying to HMRC for a VCT. I initially rang Boyd out the blue and it’s been serendipitous; not only is he courteous, fun and friendly but his knowledge of the VCT market generally especially the regulations is excellent." Tom Naylor, Nethy AD Ltd - trading as Bee Leaf.


Nethy AD Ltd (trading as "Bee Leaf") seeks to grow herbs and leafy salads hydroponically (growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water without soil) in a greenhouse. The greenhouse will be powered by an anaerobic digester (providing heat and power). 


Fantasy Sports Gaming Ltd approved by HMRC for SEIS


"That is fantastic news. Thank you so much for all your help and hard work."  Graeme McArthur, Fantasy Sports Gaming Limited.


Fantasy Football operates a low stake, low frequency, daily fantasy league football type games based around the English Premiership.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Clyz Labs Limited approved by HMRC

"Boyd and Vasiliki are an extremely committed hard working team to deliver SEIS and EIS Advanced Assurance work on target! We achieved our Advanced Assurance from HMRC without having to answer any further queries and documents were submitted to HMRC within two weeks of award of assignment! We are delighted to be able to secure some investment within this tax year." Dr. Himanshu Kataria, Director, Clyz Labs Limited


Clyz Labs Limited aims to be the UK's first Chemosensitivity Laboratory. It aims to provide services directly to patients for Personalised Cancer Treatment and to the Pharmaceutical industry to drug efficacy testing in pre-clinical stages of drug development. 

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


RN74 Wines approved by HMRC for SEIS & EIS


"Thank you so much for all that you've done for us, for your help and patience! So happy we've finally done it!" 


RN74 Wines Limited is a company which will purchase numerous mature and semi mature wines, where an active secondary market exists. Its sources will include wine merchants organization engaged in the buying and selling of large quantities of wine. Sales may be effected via online through the Company web site.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Ascendant Films Limited approved by HMRC for SEIS


"Sapphire is the only firm we would recommend anyone to use to do a film SEIS or EIS application to HMRC. They are not only hands-on and precise but are particularly knowledgeable of all the machinations and nuances needed to gain approval. You certainly won’t be wasting your time with them." Frederick Hutton-Mills, Asendant Films Limited.


Ascendant Films Limited is a company that specialises in providing film and production services for the creation of high quality English language films. With the £150,000 of monies raised via SEIS, the company expects to be used towards a portion of the initial costs associated with filming and producing the first three films. The first film is called “Tears of Another God”, the second is called “"I” of the Mind” and the third one has yet to be named/developed.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Celdron Limited approved by HMRC for SEIS and EIS


"We were amazed at how quickly Team Sapphire obtained our SEIS & EIS Advance Assurance letter from HMRC. Their work in preparing our SEIS & EIS application and the investment memorandum was outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to take a funding document to market." Wellington Majora, Celdron Limited.


Celdron Limited is a company that specialises in creating and distributing great tasting food that is from secure, traceable sources, of the highest quality and freshness. The Company has started trading and as at current supplies frozen fish, canned fruits and various grocery items. One of its main customers is a contract caterer for the NATO mission in Afghanistan and the United Nations Peacekeeping mission in Mali (MINUSMA). The company also supplies to another contract caterer that runs canteens for United Nations Peacekeeping missions in Darfur, Sudan (UNAMID) and United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA). The company intends to use the experience gained to enter the UK Food Service market as an integrated manufacturer and distributor to out-of-home food providers. In addition, the company intends to start exporting British food to international customers.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Go Fuel Meals Limited approved by HMRC for SEIS and EIS


"Sapphire have been really excellent in giving their expert advice, explaining the requirements we were unaware of and they helped with the process of obtaining advance assurance for SEIS and EIS from start to finish. I will always recommend them and use them in future!" Viqaas Cheema, Go Fuel Meals Limited.


Go Fuel Meals Limited is a Company that produces delicious, nutritious and healthy meals. The Company has already received very positive interest from gyms which plan to introduce healthy meal products to their customers. The Company also aims to target big customers like supermarkets to introduce the Go Fuel meals within their stores. Furthermore, the Company also intends to increase its revenue streams by introducing gym-merchandise such as T-shirts, caps and even iPhone cases. This will be a passive income but will also be increasing the Company’s brand awareness. In the long term the Company would like to invest in creating a health application.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Microbrewery approved by HMRC for SEIS


"We are a small microbrewery which needed expert guidance in regard to the SEIS application - Sapphire successfully helped us every step of the way." Phil Leyland, Brewery Manager, Beer Brothers Limited.


Beer Brothers Limited (the "Company") is a microbrewery which specialises in brewing and selling a range of quality ales, lagers and craft beer. These will be sold in bottles as well as keg and cask. The Company seeks to establish its own local outlet with a micro bar as well as micro bar branded retail outlets. The Company wants to develop an enhanced range to include lagers, a market not yet targeted by microbreweries.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS advance assurance from HMRC.


The Protein Kitchen Limited approved by HMRC for SEIS & EIS


"The team at Sapphire obtained our SEIS and EIS advance assurance amazingly quickly! I would highly recommend them." Kunal Kapoor, The Protein Kitchen Limited.


The Protein Kitchen is a company that specialises in the takeaway and fast-service restaurant concept, with focus on offering dishes high in protein and flavour, incorporating trending 'superfoods', with the aim of providing a healthy balanced option to the customer.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


FMC Construction Services Limited approved by HMRC for EIS


"Sapphire were excellent in helping us obtain both our SEIS and EIS advance assurance for our construction company. The advice and support we received throughout the process was invaluable." Michael Magee, FMC Construction Services Limited.


FMC Construction Services Limited is a construction company that specialises in building residential homes in Northern Ireland. The directors of the company have an extensive track record of building homes and are experienced in the construction sector.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC, prepared the investor documents and information memorandum.


Client Machine Limited gets ready for investment


“Vasiliki's patience in compiling our funding document was truly amazing. She is smart, thoughtful and constructive in her work. She tirelessly spoke to us at any time of the day and was fast at turning around the document. I would recommend Sapphire to anyone looking to take a funding document to market." Clive Morris, Director, Client Machine Limited.


Client Machine Limited (the "Company") is a provider of an online marketing tool for lead generation. The target market is mainly small local businesses that do not require to establish and/or maintain an online and social media presence.

Sapphire has assisted Client Machine apply to HMRC for advance assurance and prepare the investor documents.


SportBuddy.io Limited SEIS approved by HMRC


"Sapphire were excellent and successfully answered HMRC questions in order to obtain our SEIS advance assurance." Chris Murdoch, Director, SportBuddy.io Limited.


SportBuddy.io Limited (the "Company") is a sports hook-up platform for people of all abilities. The Company enables people to filter search, match, chat and meet new SportBuddy’s. The Company also acts as a gym and sports club networking tool, enabling users to pre-load gym’s, clubs and boot camps where they are members and easily find and match with other people in these gym’s and clubs. These may be the people you have been walking past or jogging on a tread-mill next to for the last 18 months but never found the right opportunity to chat. SportBuddy gives users the opportunity and acts as a gateway to meeting new people to train, play sports or participate in outdoor activities with. SportBuddy is also an ideal platform to search for additional team members for teams and/or sports group.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Cape Cod Cellars SEIS and EIS approved by HMRC

"The Sapphire team did an excellent job for my emerging company. As General Maximus Aurelius said in the opening battle scene of Gladiator "hold the line, stay with me". Churchill said "never quit" and Sapphire never quit for me." Tim Cooney, Director, Cape Cod Cellars Limited.


Cape Cod Cellars Limited (the "Company") is a new company created in order to build Cape Cod Cellars, “Martha’s Other Vineyard” ®, into a premier aspiration, lifestyle brand. Through leasing a restaurant retail location in London, the Company’s operations will be run through an anchor café serving as both a marketing footprint as well as a standalone business. The restaurant will create its own beverage brand offerings: Cape Cod Cranberry (juice), Cape Cod Cooler (water) and private label wine reserve collections: Chatham Chardonnay, Nantucket Red®, Schooner’s Sauvignon Blanc, and Chatham Cabernet.

Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC and assisted the Company in writing the investor documents such as the Information Memorandum.


The Profs Tuition Limited EIS approved by HMRC


"Boyd and his team at Sapphire Capital are clear markets leaders in the provision of services related to SEIS/EIS for aspiring companies. They have been extremely diligent in their dealing with us, right from the word go, and helped us navigate a couple of hiccups along the way successfully. I am very grateful for the patience and professionalism they have demonstrated at every turn and their published content is also very insightful. I would highly recommend Sapphire Capital for all your funding needs." Dr. Leo Evans, Director, The Profs Tuition Limited


The Profs Tuition Limited seeks the digitalization of the private tuition market. The Company is creating a global knowledge sharing platform, whereby students across the world can find high-quality, professional and personalised academic help through the Company’s online services. The Company runs in the form of an agency, whereby students who approach the Company are connected with a network of self-employed professional private tutors, that teach any subject and at any level.

Sapphire successfully obtained the EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Zing Online Media Limited EIS approved by HMRC


"Sapphire are knowledgeable about SEIS/EIS and gave detailed information on the path to receiving advanced assurance. Their process was streamlined and Boyd was very contactable to answer little questions on both email and over the phone. This resulted in us receiving advance assurance sooner than expected." Zak Maqsood, Director, Zing Online Media Limited


Zing Online Media is an M-Commerce business offering mobile consumers unlimited access to quality games and entertainment in a premium environment on a subscription basis.

Sapphire successfully obtained the EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


California based Badger Films LLC approved by HMRC for EIS


"Sapphire streamlined the process and guided us every step of the way. Not only were we approved, but we walked away with an in-depth understanding of EIS and how it could work for our business model." Thomas Zambeck, CEO, Badger Films LLC


California based Badger Films LLC is an independent media production outfit with diversified interests across the entertainment landscape. The Company's principle objective is to create and successfully market high-quality feature film entertainment based on unique and original screenplays.

Sapphire successfully obtained the EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


California based Brandwood Global Inc. obtains HMRC EIS approval


"As an American company based in California we were unsure how EIS operated and how to apply etc. Sapphire helped us through the entire process and were excellent to work with." Stephanie Weier, CEO/CoFounder, Brandwood Global, Inc. 


Sapphire provided California based Brandwood Global, Inc. with EIS advice, drafted the investor Information Memorandum, provided taxation along with regulatory and corporate guidance. Brandwood Global is a company that operates a global electronic marketplace providing real-time matching and deal making across film, digital, video games, and celebrity / pro-athlete endorsements utilizing an algorithm. The company has a major impact on the ability of brands and content creators to expose their project or brand to a huge population of viewers and potential customers. The company will offer valuable, but previously absent, services to not just major brands, or star celebrities, but to challenger brands, up and coming content creators as well as to celebrities and pro athletes, which gives them unprecedented access to branded entertainment opportunities.


Karadoo LLP approved FCA Appointed Representative of Sapphire


"Sapphire Capital assisted us in becoming their FCA Appointed Representative. Their advice was invaluable and they have provided continuing expert guidance." Christopher Rose, Partner, Karadoo LLP


Karadoo LLP is an online platform to connect investors directly with UK businesses seeking to raise finance whether it is debt or equity. The ethos beyond Karadoo.com is very simple: to strip away the mystique and complexity of investing in businesses or raising funds. Karadoo.com offers choice, flexibility and transparency to both investors and businesses.


Feedstock Limited fund raise


"Sapphire were excellent help in drafting our comprehensive Information Memorandum." Lucas Wurfbain, Director, Feedstock Limited


FeedStock was incorporated in 2015, founded by two industry professionals to pursue the development of an innovative buy-side platform that can automatically identify, prioritise and track investment research for individual users. The platform is both a productivity tool for fund managers, by identifying actionable research for users, and a compliance tool for buy-side companies, by providing defendable data metrics for sell-side research payments. The opportunity has arisen as new regulations are changing how investment research is paid for and at the same time artificial intelligence is enabling businesses which are overwhelmed with information.

Sapphire assisted Feedstock Limited with the drafting of their Information Memorandum.


Sonicjobs App Limited SEIS and EIS approved by HMRC


"Sapphire obtained our advance assurance from HMRC quickly and were very professional. Their ability to introduce us to investors alongside the application with the HMRC meant we could kill two birds through one relationship." Mikhil Raja, CEO and Co-founder, Sonicjobs App Limited


Sonicjobs App Ltd is a quality-focused recruitment app for waiters, bartenders, kitchen staff and more ('Deliveroo for jobs'); helping people find better jobs. We only work with employers that value training, career progression and work culture at all levels, and connect these employers to our community of experienced, pre-screened candidates.
Sapphire successfully obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


DSDC (UK) Limited SEIS and EIS approved


"We were unable to obtain advance assurance with another advisor - but the experience of Sapphire was invaluable in obtaining our SEIS and EIS advance assurance." Roger Jones, Director, DSDC (UK) Limited


DSDC (UK) Limited is a company which specialises in high grade security vaults, available to the public via a subscription model. In return for a subscription to the Company, a customer is permitted to use store their items in their vaults and use space within the Company’s secure environment. The Company provides a customer service that is second to none, providing a stylish, comfortable and private setting where subscribers can access their possessions in a secure environment.


Singapore based Logik Communications SEIS and EIS approved


"Sapphire Capital assisted us in preparing our SEIS and EIS advance assurance as well as our investor documentation. Even though our company is global, with headquarters in Asia, Sapphire Capital was able to achieve SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC and we are now able to raise finance from UK investors. Sapphire provided excellent support and advice throughout the process, and we are confident we received the best quality of support we could in preparing for our next finance round." Paul Henderson, Commercial Director, Logik Communications PTE


Logik Communications PTE Ltd is a Singapore based company which specialises in the buying and selling of network minutes on international connections. The company seeks to exploit the pre-defined, low risk, high margin profit opportunities that are present in trading network time. Sapphire obtained the EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Curated Ventures obtains R&D Tax Credit approval


"Sapphire Capital has been incredibly helpful in advising us on the R&D Tax Credit application, we could not have done it alone - thank you so much!" Ada Yi Zhao, CEO of Curated Ventures Limited.


Curated Ventures is a disruptor to the traditional fashion ecosystem, bring together fashion patrons and designers directly by online and offline platforms. Emerging fashion talents could source funding and early engagement with end customers via interactive content curations. Sapphire Capital acted for Curated Ventures Limited on advising and assisting with the R&D Tax Credits, corporate structuring and the attainment of advance assurance from HMRC for SEIS and EIS.


Cloud services company, Aiiria Solutions, SEIS & EIS approved


"Aiiria approached Sapphire Capital Partners to help with SEIS / EIS accreditation. Their knowledge around requirements and the application process was incredibly good. Boyd was very professional and made entire process very clear and straightforward, achieving advanced assurance in the stated timescales. I would highly recommend Sapphire Capital Partners to any business going through the SEIS /EIS process." James Perratt, Director, Aiiria Solutions Limited


Aiiria Solutions Limited is an innovative UK technology company aiming to provide leading cloud services to businesses ranging from start-up to public sector within the UK but also expanding into the EU. The company belief is that the same cloud technologies can be consumed by various sectors, albeit with differing security postures and requirements, however, these challenges can be easily remediated. The company aims to be sector specific and drive adoption with vertical alignment. Sapphire obtained the SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Equilibrium Labs (UK) Ltd SEIS & EIS approved


"You achieved the SEIS and EIS advance assurance so quickly and without any HMRC questions - excellent work!" Anthony Clavien, Director, Equilibrium Labs (UK) Limited


The company seeks to progress and improve products to meet societal and personal needs in the global market place. The company's core value is to eliminate the undesirable effects of alcohol and toxins while simultaneously complimenting the health and beverage industry by reducing any harm often accompanying overindulgence. The company's product "Sober Up" can assist in restoring a user to a state of sobriety and equilibrium, preventing and alleviating hangovers whilst being exceptionally beneficial for the liver.


The Way Forward Productions approved by HMRC


"Sapphire Capital assisted us in applying for SEIS and EIS advance assurance for our new film company. Thanks to Vasiliki and the team's efforts we successfully attained HMRC assurance in a timely fashion and we able to immediately go to market and start raising our first round of finance. The team persevered with us through the process of preparing the required documentation through to SEIS approval and going to market. Sapphire's advice and assistance were invaluable to us." Jason Cook, Director, The Way Forward Productions Limited


The company provides filming and production services for the creation of high quality English language films. The connecting theme of the films is that they will be based on novels / scripts written by the award winning author Jason Cook.


USA company, iNet Entertainment LLC, achieves HMRC EIS approval


"I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for all of your help and patience through the EIS process. As you know this process was new and unfamiliar with me – as it probably is with many of your clients. Your patience, help and most importantly your accessibility is greatly appreciated. Thank you for making it simple and painless. We are very excited at being approved for the EIS Program and in a relatively short time. If you have any clients in the U.S that would like to speak with me about my experience I would be happy to accommodate." Gene Berman, Director, iNet Entertainment LLC


iNet Entertainment, LLC is based in California, USA. The company is a marketing specialist using a ground breaking click-and-buy technology together with innovative marketing strategies to capitalize on the explosive growth occurring in the emerging markets opening up in digital advertising and internet entertainment.


Wine company, Cellar & Co, achieves HMRC approval


"Sapphire's help was excellent. Everything was very professionally handled." Hugo Rose, Director, Cellar & Co Limited


Cellar & Co Limited specialises in the purchase of numerous mature and semi-mature wines, principally but not exclusively Bordeaux, where an active secondary market exists. Its sources include merchants based in Bordeaux itself, where high quality mature stock is often available direct from the producer’s cellars. Such stock, with gold-plated provenance, is in high demand in the international market and regularly carries a premium over apparently identical cases which have been in free circulation since bottling.


arc-net obtains R&D Tax Credit approval


"Vasiliki - your R&D work was excellent - you are without doubt our preferred advisor!" Kieran Kelly, CEO, Advanced Research Cryptography Limited


arc-net is a unique cloud based data company that supports product and brand security and authenticity whilst securing the supply chain through data analytics using Blockchain.

Acting for arc-net, Sapphire obtained the R&D Tax Credits and SEIS and EIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Nambshub Media obtains SEIS & EIS approval


"Boyd we are very grateful for your help and thrilled at the success of our application. You achieved this so quickly. You are a gem." Kathleen Irvine, Director, Nambshub Media Limited


Nambshub Media Ltd will be launching a multi-platform interactive sci-fi/fantasy project called Mega Centarri. This is a platform that brings to life various characters through the medium of comic books, social network games and popular music. The Company is implementing a vigorous marketing plan utilizing cross promotion of their tie-in products in order to penetrate their chosen markets and gain viral success in these high growth industries. The Company principals are confident that cross merchandising their products will allow them to attract a solid customer base from the billions of people that already read sci/fantasy comic books, play social network games and buy popular.


Myrtle & Maude Limited obtains SEIS approval


"Boyd - that is brilliant news. And very quick. Really appreciate your help on this!" Matty Johnson, Myrtle & Maude Limited


Myrtle and Maude Limited produce all natural nausea products for people suffering from morning sickness & travel sickness. Acting for Myrtle and Maude Limited, Sapphire provided SEIS advice and obtained their SEIS advance assurance from HMRC.


Tamla Construction obtains EIS approval


"Your knowledge of the EIS rules, especially in regard to property and construction was critical to the success of the HMRC application." Alan Collie, Managing Director, Tamla Construction Limited


Tamla Construction Limited is a construction company involved in the building of residential and commercial property. It undertakes smaller construction projects for land owners/developers. The primary focus is on the residential sector, although industrial and commercial projects are also considered. The Directors of the Company have extensive track record in the construction sector which enables them to identify suitable projects.


Globalfilma is approved by HMRC


"Thanks for you efforts which propelled our HMRC approval so quickly. You acted in a professional and timely manner. Your help was invaluable!" David Ogunde, Globalfilma Limited


Globalfilma Limited is a company created in order to produce Bible inspired movies for the world-wide audience who particularly have keen interest in this genre. The Snare is the first project (of many) of the Company. A supernatural conspiracy thriller and the story of ancient panoramic precise predictions about our world have so far constituted our history for the past twenty-five centuries, including a countdown to imminent cataclysmic events. Acting for Globalfilma Limited, Sapphire provided SEIS andEIS advice, drafted the investor Information Memorandum, provided taxation along with regulatory and corporate guidance.


Film company obtains SEIS approval


"I've dealt with SEIS before, but I can safely say that having the experience and level of detail that Sapphire brings was a huge weight off our shoulders, and the entire process ran extremely smoothly. Thank you on behalf of I Spy Films!" Merlin Merton, Director, I Spy Films Limited


I Spy Films Limited is a production company set up to develop and produce shorts and features for domestic and international theatrical distribution. The company aims to produce films in a wide range of commercial genres, including crime dramas, comedies and thrillers.The company will start by producing a short film as a pilot for a feature film for which there is already a second draft script which has already enjoyed favourable responses from UK film financiers.


Property company obtains EIS approval


"We cannot tell you how grateful we are for your help in this matter and its very successful conclusion. I know we were not the easiest of clients and the whole process must have be a real chore for you, but all's well that ends well." Jonathan Moore, T Valley Construction Limited.


Acting for T Valley Construction Limited, Sapphire provided EIS advice, drafted the investor Information Memorandum, provided taxation along with regulatory and corporate guidance. T Valley Construction Limited is a established property company that specialises in bringing new construction projects to the property sector.


USA based MaxQ Technology LLC obtains EIS approval


"As a company based in the United States we found Sapphire Capital to be very responsive to our needs, knowledgable of cross border structuring issues and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other US companies who want to take advantage of the Enterprise Investment Scheme." Memo Romero, President and CEO, Arizona.


Sapphire provided Arizona based MaxQ Technology LLC with EIS advice, drafted the investor Information Memorandum, provided taxation along with regulatory and corporate guidance. MaxQ Technology, LLC (MaxQ) is a privately held Arizona company founded in July 2008 and is located in Tempe, Arizona.


HiveMind Network Limited SEIS & EIS approval


"Very professional work - Sapphire Capital put together a detailed HMRC application which got approved without any questions." Lyndon Docherty, Chief Executive. 


Sapphire provided HiveMind Network Limited SEIS and EIS advice, along with regulatory and corporate guidance. The Company seeks to be a place where exceptionally talented business, technology and design experts come together with motivated clients, passionate about building smarter businesses.


Guanxi Global SEIS & EIS approval


"Boyd and the team at Sapphire went the extra mile to ensure we achieved our SEIS and EIS compliance. It was a hassle free process from start to finish." Kathya Santos, Director


Sapphire provided London based Guanxi Global Limited, with regulatory, corporate and SEIS and EIS tax structuring advice. The company seeks to identify investment projects according to the requirements of their Chinese investor clientele.


Maltese Company BeanBagSports gets HMRC approval


"Sapphire provided excellent SEIS and EIS guidance - especially since our company is based in Malta." Gearoid O'Grady, Financial Controller.


Sapphire provided the Maltese company, BeanBagSports Holding Limited, with regulatory, corporate and SEIS and EIS tax structuring advice. The Company is a revenue generating multi-feature application delivering everything fans need for sport in a single solution, connected to their social networks, and monetized through betting, gaming and advertising.


Automotive trading company successful HMRC approval


"As the Founder of an Investment Platform, I had many options of advisors for EIS and SEIS for a business I was starting. I chose Sapphire Capital for their expertise in the field, and was very impressed with their professionalism. Though we faced difficulties with HMRC, Boyd Carson spent a considerable amount of time in clarifying each point to HMRC, and the business has now been approved for SEIS and EIS. When looking at an advisory firm, it is important to find advisors that will be there for you when things go right as well as wrong. Thank you Boyd for all of your help." Rishi Anand, Founder.


Sapphire provided an automotive company with extensive corporate, regulatory and tax structuring advice, particularly in regard to SEIS and EIS. 


iSuperDrive.com accelerates to success


"We approached Sapphire Capital Partners to help with SEIS accreditation. Their instruction was very helpful and professional and accreditation was achieved quickly. Highly recommend." David Robertson MD, iSuperDrive.com.


Acting for Auto Union Hire Ltd on the attainment of SEIS advance assurance from HMRC for their online luxury car company isuperdrive.com. Founded in July 2012 and based in London, iSuperdrive is a trusted community marketplace for people to locate, and book luxury & supercars for hire around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet.


Watch manufacturer EIS advance assurance


"The Sapphire Capital Team was the professional resource that DUO was looking for to undertake the regulatory challenges to properly attain approval from the HMRC." Andy Pluemer, DUO.


Sapphire Capital assisted DUO on the attainment of EIS advance assurance from HMRC and also provided corporate, regulatory and tax advice in respect of the offer for subscription. Sapphire also drafted all the investor documents including the Information Memorandum. DUO specialises in the design and development of the next generation of watch technology.


Dough Bro Pizza success


"May I just say a big thanks for your hard work and assistance in getting the SEIS and EIS approval." Joseph Moore, Dough Bro Pizza Limited.


Sapphire acted on behalf of Dough Bro Pizza Limited to obtain advance assurance from HMRC for the SEIS and EIS. Dough Bro Pizza is raising finance to open their first set of brick oven pizza restaurants across London city centre that are to be named Crust Bros, with a goal to establish a continent wide franchise presence.


Captivation Labs successfully obtains SEIS advance assurance


"Excellent work - I would highly recommend Sapphire to any startup seeking S/EIS advisory services." Konstantin Zlatanov, Captivation Labs Limited.


Sapphire Capital assisted Captivation Labs on the attainment of SEIS advance assurance from HMRC, and also assisted with drafting of the investment prospectus for fundraising. Captivation Labs is a technology startup established in March 2015. The business focuses on developing mobile app solutions for the rapidly growing number of smartphone camera users. Captivation Labs aims to raise up to £500,000 through S/EIS in 2016 to accelerate product development, marketing and launch, and further strengthen its team.


Film production company BristowHouse engages Sapphire


"Thank you Sapphire. You achieved our EIS advance assurance much sooner than we expected. Excellent work!" Bill Bristow, BristowHouse Productions Limited.


Sapphire acted on behalf of BristowHouse Productions Ltd to obtain advance assurance for EIS from HMRC. BristowHouse Productions Limited is a film production company with many exciting projects currently in development.


Recycle2trade uses Sapphire to obtain HMRC assurance


"I was pleased and impressed with both the methodology and people we dealt with at Sapphire: their knowledge and experience were extremely helpful to achieve the EIS Listing."  Yuri Ponzani, Recycle2trade Limited.


Sapphiire acted on behalf of Recycl2trade Limited to obtain advance assurance for the SEIS and EIS from HMRC.  Recycle2trade is an online recycling trade platform for the European recyclables markets.  


Sapphire customer spotlight: BrainWaveBank


"Vasiliki and Boyd were a pleasure to work with. They demystified the whole process of applying for SEIS/EIS advance assurance, were incredibly responsive to any requests we had, and provided a first class service that I have been able to heartily recommend to other technology startups that I work with."  Ronan Cunningham, BrainWaveBank Limited.


Acting for BrainWaveBank on the attainment of S/EIS advance assurance from HMRC for the company to raise private investment.


Surfing board manufacturer Skunk Works obtains R&D Tax Credit approval


"Sapphire Capital were very easy to work with, friendly, professional and had a great ability to explain complicated matters in simple, easy to understand terms. We would highly recommend them."  Ricky Martin, Skunk Works Surf Company Limited.


Sapphire acted for Skunk Works Surf Company on advising and assisting with the R&D Tax Credits, corporate structuring and the attainment of advance assurance from HMRC for SEIS and EIS.


Gymik Limited SEIS launch


"Sapphire immediately understood our requirements, the time constraints we were bound by and enabled us to get underway almost immediately. Their service has been excellent and I have no problem recommending them highly." Guy Bucknall, Gymik Limited.


Sapphire acted for Gymik Limited on the HMRC advance assurance process for SEIS, writing the investor documents and regulatory advice. Gymik lets you track a person or entity's popularity online by merging quantity of posts and sentiment into a single, comparable number.


Online marketing company CCT uses Sapphire for EIS launch


"Sapphire achieved our SEIS and EIS advance assurance very quickly. They visited us in Norway and were excellent in explaining the whole process." Knut Eikrem, CCT Marketing UK Limited.


Sapphire advised CCT Marketing UK Limited regarding its HMRC advance assurance and investor documentation.


West Park Productions: SEIS & EIS advance assurance


"...Vasiliki was always very responsive and worked with us at a top professional level to prepare our business plan, the financial forecast and other necessary documentation. We are happy to give the services of Sapphire Capital Partners our highest recommendation."


Sapphire acted for West Park Productions on advising on corporate structuring and the attainment of advance assurance from HMRC for SEIS and EIS in film production.


Netherlands based Genalice B.V. obtains EIS

"Sapphire were very professional and understood all the difficulties of doing an EIS application for a company based in the Netherlands. They held our hand throughout the entire process and provided a first class service." Richard Irwin, Genalice B.V.


GENALICE is a Netherlands based company. Acting for Genalice, Sapphire assisted the company to obtain advance assurance for the Enterprise Investment Scheme.


Kau Media uses Sapphire for SEIS & EIS advance assurance


"Sapphire were exactly what we needed as a business. Prompt, efficient, super in their service and great in delivering the desired results." Abid Masood, Kau Media Group Limited.


Sapphire acted for Kau Media Group on the HMRC advance assurance process for both SEIS and EIS. Sapphire also completed the SEIS 1 and EIS 1 certification process. Kau Media Group seeks to provide enterprise solutions to small and medium sized businesses on a global basis.