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Violet Spence

Previously a manager at Sapphire Capital Partners LLP, Violet now retired, spent her days assisting clients with SITR, SEIS and EIS schemes for companies and applying to HMRC for advance assurance on behalf of clients. 

Recent Posts:

Social Impact Bonds and SITR - do they go together?

We all know that in today’s economic climate budgets in every organisation are being squeezed and sq...
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SITR - who can invest?

Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is a great way to help causes that you care about whist receivin...
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Tax efficient investment schemes, which is best?

Which tax efficient scheme is the best? So you have money to invest, and you are wondering which tax...
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Social Investment - what is an asset lock?

What is an asset lock and how does it impact my investment in a social enterprise?
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SITR - is the scheme expanding?

No sooner was the Social Investment Tax Relief scheme “SITR” launched in April 2014 than HM Treasury...
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SITR & Social VCT - 2015 budget impact

The 2015 budget brought good news for social investors with continued commitment and support shown f...
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Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) - how does it differ from SEIS & EIS?

One of the key questions we get asked when advising on the three main investing tax schemes is  'wha...
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